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[ アクリル絵具 / 樹脂粘土 / つけまつげ / フェイクファー ]


「ひつじ」の中に人間をみる。 「にんげん」の中に羊をみる。


● Sheep, 2002

Acrylic paint resin clay fake eyelash fake fur

Why does it need to be sheep?
Sheep have been treated as livestock, very close to human life, used for animal experiment and
improvement of the breed. And also treated as the symbol as the weak, scarifies and tenderness in
paintings and religion, but also threaten us as Jacob disease.
In anytime we co-existed together, when we were health or even ill.
I see sheep in human, I also see human in sheep.
Human being took it wrong that sheep are just quiet, tender and soft caused us fear and sadness.
The Sheep turn into human being and human inside but still people treat it as shepp.
Cut off the relationship and idea to human society as Sumiko Nogi, Put the sheep instead of me,
Make new relationship with the society and the change which happening to me wearing sheep outfit
influences on the people meet me, sheep.

● sheep ,2002

◇ sent as new year's card to 300 people , 2003

◇ Street performance In Shinjuku, Kokkaigijidou-mae, Ginza,
with Sakiko Yamaoka, performance artist. 4th Jan, 2003
Polyphony, photography exhibition by audience of outdoor performance in Pala Globe. Feb,2003

◇ It's up to you , The Ring Hotel in Asian play festival in Manila, Mar, 2003

◇ Forest of 6 sense in Roppongi AXIS Aug, 2003
Installation ; Inside of the sheep, huge lamp chop.
Also some other people wear the sheep outfit and write diary of sheep.

◇ It's up to you The ring hotel in Morishita Studio Oct. 2003

◇ It's up to you the Ring hotel in Omiya , May 2004